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  • Back To School Fashion Back To School Fashion 23937 plays Back To School Fashion: It's school time again! As all you know, the first day of school is all about making first impressions for the school year. So it's always best to wear styles that reflect your own personal taste as well as looks that are current and updated with the latest trends. If you're itching to try a new style in this day, let's come on and you will find everything you need for the school year with this awesome dress up game.
  • Swords and Sandals 4: Tavern Quests Swords and Sandals 4: Tavern Quests 18021 plays The Swords & Sandals saga continues with S&SIV as our embattled gladiators step out from the arena and set out in a wider and more dangerous world. Up to four gladiators compete in a variety of minigames, adventures and battles set across an epic eight realms of danger and adventure. Swords & Sandals IV: Tavern Quests... it's the game all the gladiators are playing!
  • Fluffy's Kitchen Adventure Fluffy's Kitchen Adventure 17028 plays Curiosity may not kill the cat, but it will set Fluffy on a fun adventure!

    Get Fluffy to the door at the other side of the kitchen to win: click the die to move, and complete mini-games along the way!

    Tip: If you get stuck on a mini-game, you can close it by clicking the X in the top-right corner.
  • Bookworm Web Official Bookworm Web Official 16365 plays Help the Bookworm chomp letters to make words and score points. Gobble up a faster-paced new action mode and make words up to 12 letters long.
  • Eight letters in search of a word Eight letters in search of a word 14934 plays See how well you are with your words!
  • Keyboard Game Keyboard Game 14174 plays Jack driving a car which have super drill. The car's operation is simple, just enter the correct words can start the vehicle, but if the input the error words. The car will explode. You have only 30 seconds, as far as you can drive.
  • Swords and Sandals 2 full version Swords and Sandals 2 full version 13727 plays Your ultimate goal is to defeat all the arena champions and reign as champion yourself struggling, try a different strategy.

    (This game is a large file and will take a long while to load (2.7 Megabytes))

    Can You Complete the game before your friends?!
  • Halloween Word Dig Halloween Word Dig 12553 plays Cool Halloween theme word search game.
  • Swords and Sandals Ultra Swords and Sandals Ultra 11653 plays Create your gladiator and fight your way to the top!
  • Word Bump Word Bump 11463 plays Can you make words fast enough by clicking on the letters to form a word up to 8 letters? Bump all golden tiles on top to win. Game will end if any golden tile drops below board and you may use like-colored letters together for power-ups.
  • Hang Stan Hang Stan 11378 plays It's hangman with a pig and a hungry farmer, kind of like a child's worst nightmare.
  • Air Typer Air Typer 11160 plays Fly, typ, and blast them down!
  • Spiderman 2 - Web of Words Spiderman 2 - Web of Words 10876 plays Help Spiderman keep the city safe from Doc Ock by spelling words to climb buildings. Spidey will climb higher if you have spelled more words and thus preventing Doc Ock from attacking. There are also bonus tiles, and in the rooftop confrontation, you have to fill in the missing letter to form the word as fast as you can. Have fun!
  • Scooby Doo Zombie Hunter Scooby Doo Zombie Hunter 10698 plays Type the word which is displayed on the board to save shaggy from the angry Zombie. If u type incorrectly, zombie will attack shaggy.
  • Alphabet Jungle Alphabet Jungle 10359 plays Use the 6 letters given to form dictionary words before time runs out.
  • G2G Word Search-14 G2G Word Search-14 10221 plays Search and find the listed word from the jumbled alphabets.Listed words are in horizontal, vertical or diagonal direction in the grid.Sooner you complete every level more score you will get.
  • Johnny Test - Dukey Bath Johnny Test - Dukey Bath 10160 plays Guess the words and save the dog from the scary water!
  • Crossword Crossword 10131 plays Compose words.
  • Sandwich Word Sandwich Word 9898 plays Guess the word that flash on the screen.
  • Word Master Word Master 9354 plays Eerie things are afoot at the haunted house in Word Master. In this spell-binding online word game, help the little girl escape the creepies by spelling as many words as you can with the provided letters. Click on letters to add them to a word. Click submit when your word is finished. Find the 8-letter word for maximum points. Time is running out! Can you spell your way out?
  • Wheel of Fortune featuring Vanna White(1991) Wheel of Fortune featuring Vanna White(1991) 9148 plays Designed by IJE, who also developed Talking Super Jeopardy! at the same time. This version uses enhanced graphics, music, and sounds.
  • Swords and Sandals 3: Solo Stratus Swords and Sandals 3: Solo Stratus 9136 plays Swords & Sandals III:Solo Ultratus hurls you into the greatest gladiator tournament on the planet. Forget all you thought you knew about Swords & Sandals and prepare yourself for the quest of a thousand lifetimes! Powerful new Arena Champions await you. Are you ready to become the ultimate gladiator?
  • Angry Kid Bored Game Angry Kid Bored Game 8993 plays f you enjoy constructing prose gems like, "stab your finger in my big bumcake," this is the game for you! Move the words on the blackboard, mouse over'em, and hear Angry Kid spew. And that's not all! Click on the button to the left of Angry Kid to play a Space Invaders-esque chalkboard game to win more foul words!
  • Montgolfier Montgolfier 8721 plays You should find the word for the draw on the right top. You should collect the correct letters.
  • Fast Typer Fast Typer 8393 plays Test your typing skills and see how long you can last in this typing skill game. Can you keep up?
  • Swords and Sandals 2: E... Swords and Sandals 2: E... 8355 plays Once a free man, now a slave, the gladiator has no choice but to fight his way up.
  • Word Hunter Word Hunter 8353 plays Fly and collect the letters to complete the given words.
  • Word Maze Word Maze 7819 plays Try to find the letters of the word in the maze in the correct order!

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